Made To Measure Custom Clothing in Plymouth Indiana

We know that not everybody fits perfectly into an off the rack suit, and that is why we offer made to measure services on custom clothing in Plymouth, Indiana. With these services we can fine tune many features to obtain the right fit. Another added benefit to going this route is that you can pick out your fabric, as well as many details such as the buttons or lining.  We are also happy to include free lifetime alterations on any garment you purchase from us, it is our goal for keeping you looking good for years to come. 

Hart Schaffner & Marx


A made to measure Hart Schaffner & Marx suit or blazer offers the highest quality craftsmanship as well as the highest amount of custom fitting we can provide, as well as the highest quality fabrics. With multiple fits, coat styles, and pant styles we can easily pin down whatever look you're going for, whether its a sleek slim fit suit, or a traditional double breasted blazer. They also have a huge range of fabrics to choose from including collections from high end mills such as Zignone, Reda, and Loro Piana.  

S. Cohen


S.Cohen's innovation and cutting edge technology is the highlight of their made to measure program. With their state of the art facility they have a 10 day turn around time for any custom garment ordered. With that speed  also comes a great amount of detailing that they can provide such as different colored button holes and even a custom coat lining that can be printed based on any design you may have. They also have the largest selection of fabrics available offering classic options like pinstripes and sharkskin, to bright solids and bold plaids.  

Individualized Shirts

Individualized Shirts is an American based custom shirt maker that offers a completely custom shirt. They have hundreds of fabrics to choose from and everything from tone on tone dress shirts to casual flannels and bright plaids and even floral and paisley prints. You can even choose from over a dozen of collars and cuff styles. We can even monogram your signature onto the shirt cuff for a completely personal touch. Now while the thousands of possible combinations are amazing, the actual fit of the shirts is what truly sets them apart. We take multiple measurements from your neck, torso, arms, and shoulders to get the exact fit for each part of your body.