Saxx Underwear

Saxx Underwear is a relatively newer company that was built around the idea of reinventing underwear to give the wearer more freedom with movement and unparalleled comfort. They achieved these goals using high end technical fabrics that breathe and wick moisture away,  and three trademarked methods.

Their BallPark Pouch™ is their most famous feature and is featured in every pair of Saxx. It provides contact free support with a 3D hammock that keeps everything in place with the usage of ultra-fine mesh panels that prevents skin on skin friction. The pouch also has zero exposed stitching for optimal comfort.

Every pair of Saxx features a Three-D Fit™. This fit is ergonomically shaped to go around the large muscle groupings in your legs and contours for support without being constricting at all. Seams in the garment are all strategically positioned to prevent chafing at potential friction points.

The last feature that is present in their entire collection are their Flat Out Seams™. They use a flat seam that lays flush with the skin, for smooth against the skin contact. They reversed traditional way of stitching and put the flatter and softer side of the stitch on the inside rather than outside of the garment.

Saxx now has around a dozen fits designed from everyday wear to extreme workouts. They are also worn and praised by many major athletes like Jake Arrieta and Kevin Love, Mark Healey, Ken Block.