St. Croix

St. Croix is domestic knitwear company based out of Winona, Minnesota. St. Croix is a company focused on making the best clothing possible out of the best materials available. They never cut corners when making their product and they oversee every step of the manufacturing process. To ensure perfection for their clothing they have developed their own patents on many original techniques and knitting machines. To give an example, they use a painstaking technique called hand-looping for their collars, cuffs, and bands on shirts. The result of the process is a different look entirely, clean inside and out, perfectly symmetrical, and a fabric that stretches with the fabric and doesn't end where the stitching is. It takes a worker three years to master such a technique. Another great example of St. Croix's love for details and quality are their knit polo collars. They spent 7 years of R&D working on the perfect collar, a collar that has a super fine ( five one-thousands of an inch thick) Teflon stay woven in. It prevents the collar from ever rolling up or down, it always lays perfectly flat. It's the fine tuning of every step of the clothing making process that sets St. Croix apart from the competition.